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Agencis – Intermediary Management Solutions

The Lombard Intermediary Management System makes doing business with Horizon simpler and easier. It allows you to manage all your regulatory requirements and responsibilities relating to your relationship with Horizon, Lombard and other Lombard underwriting partners on one platform without repeating the application and approval process.

The features available include:

  • Central management of your intermediary details for all Lombard Partners you do business with
  • A certified online signing process
  • Easy access to an agency with any of the other Lombard Partners
  • Auto validation of details with real-time update
  • Ongoing maintenance of intermediary data online via automated workflows to improve efficiency. One upload only of PI and FG information at renewal
Broker Training

This offers an easy-to-use platform for all our brokers through AC Develop, offering training and product information relevant to your business growth and development.